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Founded in 2000, Catch Hospitality Group is a passionate, innovative, full-service restaurant and catering company. Located in the thriving Bronte neighbourhood of Oakville, Catch currently has eight restaurant concepts in its portfolio and growing.


Dedicated to good design.

Design is at the heart of Catch Hospitality. Every unique concept is born from the desire to bring an unparalleled experience to customers, which starts with a brand vision and carries through to every element of the restaurant design.

Inspired by global trends.

The Catch team travels around the globe to research culinary trends and reinterpret them for their hometown crowd. To understand hospitality is to understand culture; bridging the gap between comfort and excitement.

Delivering the best in culinary experiences.

There is more to a restaurant than food and interior design. At Catch, we know that great experiences are often translated through music, lighting, ambiance and great service.

Driven by authenticity and real human connections.

Service is one of the defining features of Catch Hospitality. Wait staff, management, front of house, back of house — every member of the team is held to the highest standard of customer service.


With his more than four decades in restaurants and hospitality, Doug works with and mentors his team in everything from operations and marketing, to menu development and restaurant design, while focusing on a vision-based company growth and concept development opportunities.

Doug’s love for the hospitality industry and non-stop work ethic shine through in his role as Founder & President of Catch Hospitality. Outstanding food and service in comfortable and welcoming spaces. As the creators of Oakville’s most beloved and respected restaurants, catering and event companies, Catch has crafted memorable and exceptional experiences with guests and creativity in mind. Within the Catch Hospitality family, ambitions are grand, but no job is too small. Catch emphasizes the word Hospitality as not just some tag line; it’s their approach to being polished without being pretentious.